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Engineering Plans


Turning your ideas into reality through collaborative and UX (User-Experience) processes.  We pull together the right team of experts to get your ideas from your head and a sketch into a real product that your customers will want, something manufacturable, usable, right-priced, saleable, and profitable!   The design thinking process is a critical path to a viable product.  Our team will brainstorm and test solutions to your design challenges to come up with the most effective and repeatable path to manufacturing. 

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Product Development

  • Ideation 

  • Formulation of Your Ideas or Concepts

  • Planning 

  • Strategy

  • User Feedback

  • Multi-Staged Process 

  • Research

  • Design

  • Collaborative & Iterative

  • Bench Engineering

  • Mock-ups

  • First Model / Master / Framework / Sample

  • Simulation Bucks

  • User-Experience (UX) Processing

  • Strengthened Design Integrity

Have an idea or concept?  Are you an inventor with a new product?  Want to turn it into something real?  Let the World Class Prototypes team of experts and experienced creative thinkers help you get there.  If you can think it we can make it!  Through our ideation process, we will assist you in evaluating the viability of your idea, providing you with a path to something real and true costs related to manufacturing so that you can determine if this idea is a winner.  

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