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Industrial Designer


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  • Functional models

  • Mock-ups

  • Scale models

  • Dioramas

  • Sales tools

  • Customer Samples or gifts

  • Finish work and painting

  • Pre-production assembly

  • Architectural models

The powerful visual impact of a great model will increase your sales. Let us help you create the sales and demo tools you need to generate excitement about your products.  Our high-quality models allow your designs to shine through down to the smallest details.  Present your product, your message, and your company in the right way with a high-impact model.  Whether you are preparing for a trade show exhibit, a product diorama, a showroom display, a traveling sales sample, or small fun customer gift models, we can make them.   Below you will see some of the inspiring designs that we have had the privilege of turning into a reality.


Lincoln Diorama for Exhibit

Auto show exhibit for Lincoln.  Created an elaborate diorama of the Lincoln showroom, with architect...

Oil Fracking Diorama

Custom Exhibit Scaled Model. In just 20 days our team was able to turn this project from concept to ...

Medical Teaching Models

These teaching tools are used by doctors and medical students to practice performing specific medica...

Office Decor

Steelcase creative designers we task with coming up with fun and functional office decor.  The green...

Medical Trade Show Model

Table Top Debut of new MRI machine for Trade Show.  Coming Soon Full Size Model!!

Electric Car Battery Display

Aluminum Electric Car Battery Display, Fully Interactive

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