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The Neuro Skull is a life-size human skull model designed for medical education and training. It features a removable calvarium (skullcap) and a foam brain with a suturable dura, providing a realistic experience for practicing dura sutures. The non-articulating mandible (jawbone) allows for easy access to the interior of the skull, making it an ideal tool for medical students and professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in neurosurgery and neurology. This neuroanatomy model is a valuable resource for learning about the structure and function of the human skull and brain, and it is a must-have for any medical education institution or training program. Whether used in a classroom setting or for individual study, the Neuro Skull offers an immersive and hands-on learning experience for students and professionals in the medical field.

Neuro Skull

SKU: M10004
  • Case Count = 20 units  X $160.00 per unit = $3,200

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